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Maisha Rush
Business Coach
Coaching was a natural progressive transition as I worked with businesses from the start up level to Fortune 400 companies. It's the joy of getting my clients to their ah-ha moment that reminds me why I became a coach in the first place. In my professional opinion, there is almost no way that you can offer Consulting to C-Level executives without giving them coaching on some level. Business success starts with the mindset and belief that you can tackle the very issue that you face. You have to confront the doubt before you can jump into action.
Business Consultant
Consulting is personal to me because when I was starting my first business, I had no idea what I was doing or where to start. There was so much research to be done. I downloaded e-books, attended webinars, listened to podcasts, watched how-to videos, and everything else people said they did. The truth was, while there was great information out there, I had to sift through everything just to find something that remotely relates to what I wanted to do and my goals. The bonus side is once I had all of that knowledge, I used it to help other businesses scale. So while it was not a total loss, it made me realize just how much business owners go through in order to stabilize, strategize, and better monetize their businesses.
You need a consultant who is going to listen, understand, and craft a solution custom made for your problem.
Thats where Rush Consulting Firm comes in. 
Trail Blazer
As a wife and homeschooling mother of 12 children, I still very much care about accomplishing my goals and still showing up to be a great wife and mother. I teach my clients that you do not have to choose between the things you love but you do have to prioritize and do the work. Nothing in life is easy but its always simple.
I have managed to get degrees, certifications, teach at colleges across the country. I host events, volunteer, and even have a company program called Rush To Teach where we pick 3 teachers (nominated from the public) and purchase their school supplies for the upcoming year. I am a firm believer that You can Have All The Things You Want The Way You Want Them NOW.
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Managing a business is about doing the RIGHT work.
Statistically 8 out of 10 startups dont make it past the first 18 months. We like to blame it on funds but its deeper than that. #balance
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Maisha Rush Sits dowm with Tabitha Simmons
Join us as we sit down with Maisha Rush, for all things business. You don't want to miss the jewels' she'll be dropping, so get ready to take some notes!!!